one year

a whole year has gone by since our sweet boy became a part of our family! that was, for sure, the fastest year of my life. i'm convinced that time takes on a warp speed when there is a tiny person in your life. wasn't it just a couple months ago that he was born? that he learned to smile, sit up, started solids? lately it feels like he learns something new every day. just last night he was giving me high fives. awesome.

just a couple days old; so tiny.

dear ollie, we're so glad you came to our family. it has been such a joy to be your mama and to watch you learn & grow & develop a little personality that is all your own. it is already apparent that you are a kind, gentle little boy. you approach other babies & kids with a big smile and you love to share with them. you are so sweet; you love to give kisses and snuggles to me & daddy. you love to explore the kitchen; i think it's your favourite room in the apartment. you pull the pots & pans out of the cupboard and then put the lids on & off, on & off. it's so fun to watch you learn! you continue to love reading stories, with others or by yourself. in the past month or so, you have started to love dancing. you bounce your little body up & down whenever i turn on music. i love hearing the little sounds you make, especially when you say, "mama mama mama" when i walk into the room. you are, little boy, the sweetest, cutest little guy i know.

we love you so much ollie. you've brought such light & happiness to our lives. happy first birthday, baby boy!


  1. Happy Birthday to Ollie! You've had a fun year.

    Wow! He was so tiny when he was born. It's hard to remember, or even imagine he could be so small.

  2. Happy Birthday, lashes! -That will be now and forever his nickname from me. He just has the most beautiful eyelashes ever.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Ollie Dear!

  4. Sweet post. you'll be glad you captured so many memories that you can look back on and relive again.