bright copper kettles

here are a few of our favourite things about our almost six week old (!!!!!) oliver;

the adorable noise he makes after he sneezes. its like a little shout of relief. he's been doing it since day one and its probably the cutest thing i've ever heard. i need to record it.

the beginnings of real smiles he's been showing off a bit in the past week or so.

his nose.

the rolls that are developing on his thighs and his awesome double chin. he's gaining weight well. (we'll find out exactly how much at his appointment in a couple of days.)

his receding hair line. he's got the cutest little old man hair.

the fact that he calms down and listens and/or falls asleep when we play music such as ray lamontagne, james vincent mcmorrow and alexi murdoch. we listened to alexi murdoch for a few hours when i was in labour. apparently it made an impression.

the faces he makes, the best of which i managed to catch:


you're a delight, ollie!



brian blessed our baby boy on easter sunday. he gave him a name and he blessed his little body, mind & spirit to grow & learn & love in all the ways our Heavenly Father would have him do. as i sat quietly and listened to the words of the blessing, i thought about how much our Heavenly Father loves little ollie. He knows him and wants what is best for him. and then i thought about how much our Heavenly Father loves brian & i. He sent little ollie to our family, and He trusts brian & i with the care and upbringing of His child. while oliver was blessed by his father, i was overwhelmed with a feeling, one that i am reminded of every time i look at my baby boy & my dear husband;
i am blessed.


oliver making a funny face in his beautiful blessing outfit. thanks sister & cousin drew for letting us borrow it!

all of our family that came to celebrate with us! ollies got a lot of people who love him, including many who couldn't make it this weekend. you were missed!


beautiful boy

how do i stop myself from constantly gushing about my beautiful boy? am i supposed to?

oliver is four weeks old today! he is growing lots and changing everyday. its bittersweet to watch my itty bitty ollie changing so much. i'm glad he was born so tiny; he's still smaller than a lot of peoples newborns and i like enjoying his little-ness.

we got some photos taken last week, thanks to amy.

isn't he sweet?



baby yawns are the cutest.


i just want to stare at him all. day. long.

our family.


initiation into fatherhood


welcome to life with your little man, daddy!