getting back into it

now that ollie is a little older, i can leave him for longer periods of time. that being said, i've decided to get busier with photography again and i'm very excited about it!

on january 1st, i had the opportunity to take pictures for katie & saul. they are such a lovely pair and we had fun taking pictures together. i was a little nervous since theirs was the first wedding i've done in about a year and a half, but once we got going, i felt so comfortable. thanks you two, for being so friendly and ridiculously photogenic! and thanks for braving the cold for longer than i thought we would last...your winter wedding was gorgeous.

they make it look warm...love this.
when really, this is what saul looked like every chance he got. ha ha!

a friend of katies handmade her jewelry. beautiful!

katie had so much fun. right before this she looked at me and said,
"take a picture of me running through the snow, k?"

thanks you two, for trusting me to take pictures of your big day. wishing you all the best in your future adventures together...may your love always keep you warm.

and last, but not least, one of my very favourites of the day. you are stunning, katie, and so very happy. 


ollie vs. the rubiks cube

brian got a rubiks cube for Christmas,
and ollie loves to get his hands on it whenever he can.

he's working on it. (look how hard he's thinking!)

almost there...


(he's also got the snottiest little nose ever.)



the Christmas posts: the days after

we spent the days after Christmas relaxing, eating, (are you noticing a trend?) staying up way too late playing games and doing a little snowmobiling on the warmer days.

baby marcus was blessed and we were so glad to be there for it.

i got to see my dear friend nofa! i've missed her.

we also celebrated my 25th (!!!) birthday the night before we headed home. i had only one request...hazelnut torte. hazelnut torte is a very delicious cake that is popular in brians family. it was our wedding cake, too! it is so so yummy. i'm already looking forward to brians birthday, when i will make my very first hazelnut torte for him. thanks for the amazing cake, mom joanne!

the entire spread, with the cake in the front. and that's the game we got for Christmas in the back...if you want to play it, come over! it's the best!

ollie helped me blow out my candles.

and thus ends my documentation of Christmas 2012. it was lovely!

the Christmas posts: eve & day

Christmas eve was lovely. we had a yummy meal and then read the Christmas story while we all acted it out. i didn't get any pictures because i was busy being a shepherd to my sheep baby and brian was busy being a wiseman. but it was so wonderful!

when brian was younger, he & his siblings would always open the presents from grandma finken on Christmas eve. so this Christmas, the grand babies all opened their presents from grandma thomson on Christmas eve, to carry on the tradition.

ollie loves his new cars & race track.
(and those dino pj's were his "Christmas pj's. in my family, if we were getting new pajamas, we always opened them on Christmas eve.)

we were sure that joviah would be the first one awake on Christmas eve, but when ollie woke up at about 7:30, we found uncle daniel upstairs. the four of us waited for everyone else to wake up.

ollie looked a little concerned while opening his first stocking. but there was an awesome duck hand puppet inside & some fish bath toys. fun!

i decided to introduce brians family to one of my henrie family Christmas traditions. on Christmas morning, we also eat yuletide log. it is a cheese, bacon, onion mixture melted onto homemade dinner buns. so yeah, it's the most delicious thing ever. i mean that. ollie got his first taste of yuletide log this Christmas, too!

it was so fun to be with the butchikes for Christmas. besides being a little run down with sickness, joviah & tadeo were so excited & happy and baby marcus is almost edible. he is so cute & chubby. we love them all.

i love these pictures of tadeo opening up his favourite movie, despicable me. he was pretty pumped!

joviah got a pair of ruby slippers from grandma, along with tickets for all the girls to see the wizard of oz at globe theatre! i love the globe theatre in regina, and was so happy to see a play while we were there. it was wonderful!

brian was really happy with his gifts, too!

he loves lego. a lot.
brians favourite book when he was little was "the three robbers." his parents were so thoughtful and bought a copy for us so that brian could read it to ollie & all our future babies.

ollie with his ollie book!
ollie with his new drum & balls from uncle daniel.
the aftermath! whoa.
Merry Christmas from ollie & marcus. these two are more than 7 months apart, but only a few pounds separates them!
always climbing the stairs.
look at how cute ollie was in his Christmas sweater...

"no, daddy! don't kiss me!"
all the grandbabies that were there, including cassies belly. she's due in june!
Christmas day was so wonderful. we ate lots of food & chocolate and lazed around most of the day. perfect day, right?