ollie & jack are good brother to each other...most of the time. i already see their different personalities complementing one another on a daily basis, as they play and interact with one another. ollie can be pretty bossy to jack, but jack is quite laid back and is mostly okay with just going along with whatever. and jack thinks that ollie is the funniest guy in the whole wide world; nobody gets jack to laugh like ollie does. jack crawls around, following ollie everywhere he goes. when ollie goes to the bathroom, he shuts the door while yelling, "no jack! i need pwivacy!" ollie likes to call jack "jackie boy" and he tells him, "oooh, you're such a cute wittwe guy." i love watching my boys learn and grow together, even if we do have spats every single day. i'm so happy these two have each other and i hope they are good friends as they navigate life together.