ollie & jack are good brother to each other...most of the time. i already see their different personalities complementing one another on a daily basis, as they play and interact with one another. ollie can be pretty bossy to jack, but jack is quite laid back and is mostly okay with just going along with whatever. and jack thinks that ollie is the funniest guy in the whole wide world; nobody gets jack to laugh like ollie does. jack crawls around, following ollie everywhere he goes. when ollie goes to the bathroom, he shuts the door while yelling, "no jack! i need pwivacy!" ollie likes to call jack "jackie boy" and he tells him, "oooh, you're such a cute wittwe guy." i love watching my boys learn and grow together, even if we do have spats every single day. i'm so happy these two have each other and i hope they are good friends as they navigate life together.


jack is one!

yikes, that was quite the blogging hiatus. long story short is that i use instagram a lot for "insta-blogging", but every time i came back to my blog i realized how much i missed writing longer posts with more photos. this blog (and the one i wrote before i got married) has acted as my journal for about seven years now, and it seemed like a pity to drop it. so here i am! back at it!

our sweet baby jack turned one today! i cannot believe how fast the past year has flown by, regardless of the fact that jack (and myself) have yet to sleep through the night. ha. jack is sweet and happy. he is a major flirt and smiles at everyone. he lights up every single room he enters and is adored by all who know him. i wish everyone could! he is adventurous and strong willed. he is a lovely little brother to ollie, though they often get in little tussles, as brothers do. jack is happiest when he is eating or nursing. on the other hand, if he wants to be eating or nursing and isn't, he screeches until his wish is granted. he's a big boy, pushing 23 pounds. he can stand on his own and already has 12 teeth! he is so funny; he loves to make others, especially big brother ollie, laugh. he is very affectionate and loves to cuddle and give kisses. oh, sweet baby jack! how you have lit up our lives with your sunshine face and bright personality. happy first birthday, jackie boy!

i kept telling brian i was going to trim his hair before his first birthday, but his mullet is still there. it's curly, like a little piglet tail, and i just can't bring myself to chop it.

see what i mean? that smile could like up a house.

"oh mom...staaahhp."

that face though!

not so sure about this...