for the record

at almost six months old, our oliver is getting to be so grown up. he is rolling over very proficiently, grabbing at things with incredible accuracy and getting so excited when he watches us eat. (solids in a couple of weeks, buddy boy!) he smiles at most everyone and laughs with his daddy; i think they have the same goofy sense of humor. it's so fun to watch them together. he's still working on the whole sitting up thing; every time he is sitting up he looks at me or brian, smiles with his whole body and them flops down. and then he smiles some more. our baby boy is a happy one, except when his teeth are bothering him. he broke his first two a couple of months ago and from the looks (and sounds!) of things those top two are coming soon. he still loves to read stories; he listens so intently and looks at all the pictures. i am entirely convinced that the reason babies grow up so fast is so we keep having them. and heck, if they keep coming out this cute, we'll have a bunch more!

we love you ollie!


tall corn & little pigs

we got to go a little south last weekend to visit my brother & his family. we went to the corn maze just outside of lacombe and enjoyed getting a little lost in the maze, eating kettle corn (which in my opinion is the best treat. ever.) and deep fried pickles (which were a little weird, but kind of good if i'm being totally honest.)

 ollie & his cousin sam

gracie, evan & abbi. 

 celebrating the end of the maze!

everyone went back into the corn maze for a second go around (there were a couple of different routes) but ollie was too hot, so he and i enjoyed some time in the shade.

aaaand, then we met some baby piggies and they were adorable and i tried to convince brian to let me bring one home, but i guess a pig isn't really suited for apartment life.


ollie was really excited about the baby pigs too!

"aw, shucks mom. enough pictures!"
(ollies little overalls are from brians mom...baby clothes from when brian was a wee one!)

we had such a fun day with jess & jayna & co. it was followed by a yummy meal and, as per usual, staying up way too late visiting. we love you guys! thanks for the fun day!


corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces

i want to tell you a story. its about a boy and a girl.

many years ago, about 20 or so, this little boy with mischievous eyes and a little girl with dark brown hair met at church. their families became friends and the two spent many sunday afternoons playing together. the boy and the girl grew, and the girl developed a crush on the boy. she thought he looked cute in his white sunday shirts and liked the way his hair curled over his ears. they were always close friends. when the girl turned 16, the boy asked her on a date. they talked on the phone and remained close friends. they drifted apart later in high school but were reunited just months before the boy left to serve a mission. they spent most of their time together, laughing & singing along to their favourite songs. she watched him prepare to serve God and they knew that they loved eachother. the boy went on his mission and the girl moved away from home. they touched base every once in awhile, but each of them were busy with their own lives. despite this, they thought of eachother. then the boy came home and a few months later they started dating. they grew together & they saw hard times. they realized they both loved crunchy peanut butter best and that, among a million other things, brought them together.

two years ago today, i married my very best friend. he was the boy that i day dreamed about and he is the man that i chose to be sealed to. two years ago today, i told him i would love him forever. then we made a baby and when he arrived we found our love had grown. like, really grown. into this tangible little being with his eyes and my lips.

i'm glad you're mine bri. and that i am yours. forever.


my boys

pictures of me with each of my boys in gorgeous canola fields, taken twenty-three months and one day apart. now i just need one of all three of us!

i couldn't imagine two more handsome men to spend my days with.



brians sister jenn, her two kiddos joviah & tadeo and ollie & i drove out to pense, saskatchewan at the end of june to spend time with brians family. we had so much fun!

we relaxed at home, went to the beach, enjoyed the beautiful flowers, stayed up late chatting & watching movies and had a lovely time all together. we got to see oma finken, grandma abbott, the brownlows and lots of other family when we were there, too. i also got to visit some old friends.

it was fun to be able to go to my old home ward and show off my baby. everyone had an opinion about who he looks like; "he's all thomson!" "he looks just like a henrie!" i like hearing both of those things...makes me feel like ollie is a good mix of the two of us.

it was such a great trip and even with all the driving the kids did so good!

 ollie & auntie cassie taking a nap. 
so sweet & snuggly.

ollie & his great grandma abbott (brians dads mom).

ollie & his great grandma finken (oma. brians moms mom).
they were having a good chat!

he loved all the space in the big bath tub and did lots of kicking every night.

visiting with some dear friends from my elementary & high school days.
(ollie was ready to head home; we should've gotten a picture earlier!)

tadeo at the beach! 

joviah with the cat that wandered into the yard one day.
it continued coming back daily...obviously! this little girl loved it.
 just a glimpse of mama joannes beautiful flowers.

ollie & his new friend brooklyn. brooklyns mama krista is a close friend of mine. i adore her and its so fun that these two are just a couple months apart!

joviah the dinosaur!

my dear friend nena got to meet ollie! 

grandma with three of her boys!

ollie & the balloon. he was quite entertained by this balloon all week.

loving life on the back porch. (minus the mosquitoes! ha ha.)

we had so much fun! going back to saskatchewan always feels like home.

hey, who's that guy?

he's cute!

ollie loves looking at himself in the mirror (or in this case, photobooth). it takes a second for him to see himself, but boy, when he does, he just GRINS! its adorable.