corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces

i want to tell you a story. its about a boy and a girl.

many years ago, about 20 or so, this little boy with mischievous eyes and a little girl with dark brown hair met at church. their families became friends and the two spent many sunday afternoons playing together. the boy and the girl grew, and the girl developed a crush on the boy. she thought he looked cute in his white sunday shirts and liked the way his hair curled over his ears. they were always close friends. when the girl turned 16, the boy asked her on a date. they talked on the phone and remained close friends. they drifted apart later in high school but were reunited just months before the boy left to serve a mission. they spent most of their time together, laughing & singing along to their favourite songs. she watched him prepare to serve God and they knew that they loved eachother. the boy went on his mission and the girl moved away from home. they touched base every once in awhile, but each of them were busy with their own lives. despite this, they thought of eachother. then the boy came home and a few months later they started dating. they grew together & they saw hard times. they realized they both loved crunchy peanut butter best and that, among a million other things, brought them together.

two years ago today, i married my very best friend. he was the boy that i day dreamed about and he is the man that i chose to be sealed to. two years ago today, i told him i would love him forever. then we made a baby and when he arrived we found our love had grown. like, really grown. into this tangible little being with his eyes and my lips.

i'm glad you're mine bri. and that i am yours. forever.


  1. And they lived happily EVER after....Love, Auntie Cathy

  2. I am crying, this is beautiful.

    (and crunch peanut butter is the best)

  3. i commented already! whey does it keep not showing up? gah!

    this is beautiful. you are beautiful. your darling little family is beautiful.

    love you! kisses x2.

    and i'm with you on the pb.

  4. Such a cute post!
    Glad I found your blog!
    -Diana Anderson