the facts of life

-we saw a ninety year old man at the mall who has the same pants as brian. for real. and now you know what kind of mall we live close to. ha.

-one of our sunbeams told her parents that she likes her primary teachers because "they are magic." that's one of the best compliments we have ever received.

-its okay to go to bed at 8:30 and sleep until 9:00. sometimes, its more than okay. its wonderful!

-beets are delicious. i love them. i ate them pretty much every day this week.

-another fact about beets? they remind me of this guy.


-we love it when our teeny tiny primary kids sing really loud in sharing time, because most of the time they don't know the words. its hilarious and melts my heart. they're so cute.

-i just baked mixed berry muffins. i don't think there is anything better than a warm kitchen that smells like baking.

-brians mama is here for three whole weeks! party time!

-we discovered rebecca black early this week. life probably would have been better without her. but then again, where would we be without phrases like "we we we so excited"? also, i'm getting better at remembering my days of the week, thanks to rebecca.

-general conference is next weekend! i love general conference. its my favourite two weekends of the year. i can't wait.

-we went to a wedding reception last night for a good friend and his sweet new wifey. i love wedding receptions and seeing friends, but mostly seeing friends that i haven't seen in months that are busy growing babies. see you in six weeks, baby livingstone!

-we hung out with our girl joviah all day yesterday. and you know what that means, right? if you don't, well, you'll find out soon enough.


on my lunch break

the sun is shining, the air is warm, the snow is melting away and its FRIDAY!

plus! on my way home for lunch, the guy driving the delivery truck behind me was doing the most intense air drumming i have ever seen. he was one happy dude! although his lack of hands on the wheel frightened me, his moving hands clutched imaginary drum sticks and seemed to shout,
"yesss!! its frrrrriiiiidaaaaay!"
to the air drumming man; i agree.

so, although i have to head back to work for a few more hours;

happy friday, everyone!

brian; summer '09.


the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms

i like:

-when we're in our car and our favourite song comes on the radio. for the first time. like, ever. so we crank it and sing really loud, and brian does a little air guitar.

-little boys that come into the office i work at and tell me that when they grow up, they're gonna go to the moon.

-oven roasted veggies. don't get me wrong, i also really like brownies & ice cream.

-men who are named alfred, but prefer to be called butch. and they want butch on their medical records. awesome.

-late night skype dates with dear friends who live far too far away.

-making good food. but i hate dishes. if i could, i would hire someone to clean up after me while i cooked and baked all sorts of delectable things all the day long.

-how silly brian gets when he's done school work for too many hours consecutively. its hilarious.

-the teeny tiny, itty bitty ponytail my hair makes when i try to tie it back when i exercise. its pathetic. and great. i'm loving the short hair.

-our family. come visit us, people! we like you!

-toasted cucumber & tomato sandwiches...yum! i want summer to come. and i want friends who have cucumbers & zuchinni's that grow like weeds in their gardens. give them all to me. please.

-watching lord of the rings while brian is at school. i just drag my computer around the house...cleaning the bathroom, doing dishes, folding laundry. frodo, sam, strider, gandalf and the rest of the gang are such good company while brian finishes midterms.

-that its already wednesday! more than halfway through the week. yippee!

have a delightful week!


"...this is the strangest thing i have ever done."

have you seen "tangled" yet?


if yes, good for you.
if not, come visit us. we will take you to the cheap seats. they are cheap. and the theatre has carpet from the 80's. and some checkered tile. and! (this is the best part) the seats are worn in and comfy and they even kind of recline a little bit. brian & i rarely see movies at the regular theatre. we are not crazy movie buffs, so we usually just wait a couple of months to see it for like, a quarter of the price.

but that's beside the point; go see "tangled"!

we went to see it last night with our friends, john & jenny. it was SO GOOD! rapunzel is hilarious. i died laughing during the scene where she repeatedly hits flynn with the frying pan, and then at her attempts to shove him in the closet, and then at the scene where the men sing about their dreams in the tavern. the animation was incredible! and the music? thank you, alan menken, the musical mastermind who was behind the greatest disney movies of all time; the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, newsies, aladdin, hercules and now tangled.

the thing i loved most about it is that it was so...disney. the scene in the boat with the floating lanterns?


we were having major aladdin/the little mermaid flashbacks the whole time. the boat is so little mermaid, and the song is reminiscent of "a whole new world."

also, i cried all the way through that scene. could it be anymore beautiful? multiple times throughout the movie, brian leaned over and was like, "are you crying?" yup. i was. he knows me so well. i'm a major movie-crier.

brian really loved the movie too. when we were driving to john & jennys after the movie, brian turned to me and said, "that movie taught me so much. blonde girls have magical hair but brunette girls have magical tears, and you cry lots!" ha ha. oh, brian.

p.s. the floating lanterns scene also made me wanna eat roasted marshmallows. anyone else think they look like floating marshmallows? we saw it in 3-d so it made the likeness even more realistic.


out like a lamb...right?

do you remember learning about all the months and seasons in elementary school?
right now i'm really hoping that everything they taught me in my early education is correct;

"if march comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb."

the past few days have been horrid. -24 or so, with howling winds and blowing snow.
it is way too cold.
what i really wonder is how people settled here in the first place! i am thankful for heated cars and homes and for boots and jackets that keep me relatively toasty.

so, go away winter. seriously. i wore tights to work today, obviously, because bare legs would have been suicide. but then a giant hole appeared in my tights halfway through the day. yanking the tights up to try and hide the hole under my skirt only resulted in a run. and then another. and then the first one inched all the way down my leg. if nothing else, i'd really like winter to go away just so i don't have to wear tights anymore and run the risk of looking totally haggard at work ever again.

i'd really like to see the lamb-like side of march instead of the lion one, by the end of the month, at least.


please & thank you.