"...this is the strangest thing i have ever done."

have you seen "tangled" yet?


if yes, good for you.
if not, come visit us. we will take you to the cheap seats. they are cheap. and the theatre has carpet from the 80's. and some checkered tile. and! (this is the best part) the seats are worn in and comfy and they even kind of recline a little bit. brian & i rarely see movies at the regular theatre. we are not crazy movie buffs, so we usually just wait a couple of months to see it for like, a quarter of the price.

but that's beside the point; go see "tangled"!

we went to see it last night with our friends, john & jenny. it was SO GOOD! rapunzel is hilarious. i died laughing during the scene where she repeatedly hits flynn with the frying pan, and then at her attempts to shove him in the closet, and then at the scene where the men sing about their dreams in the tavern. the animation was incredible! and the music? thank you, alan menken, the musical mastermind who was behind the greatest disney movies of all time; the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, newsies, aladdin, hercules and now tangled.

the thing i loved most about it is that it was so...disney. the scene in the boat with the floating lanterns?


we were having major aladdin/the little mermaid flashbacks the whole time. the boat is so little mermaid, and the song is reminiscent of "a whole new world."

also, i cried all the way through that scene. could it be anymore beautiful? multiple times throughout the movie, brian leaned over and was like, "are you crying?" yup. i was. he knows me so well. i'm a major movie-crier.

brian really loved the movie too. when we were driving to john & jennys after the movie, brian turned to me and said, "that movie taught me so much. blonde girls have magical hair but brunette girls have magical tears, and you cry lots!" ha ha. oh, brian.

p.s. the floating lanterns scene also made me wanna eat roasted marshmallows. anyone else think they look like floating marshmallows? we saw it in 3-d so it made the likeness even more realistic.


  1. best movie review of tangled. I loved it too. Brian's comment made me laugh. I'm going to tell every boy who I date that now... magical tears. love it.

  2. haaaaa! brians comment... i've never seen a 3d movie. i need too.