the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms

i like:

-when we're in our car and our favourite song comes on the radio. for the first time. like, ever. so we crank it and sing really loud, and brian does a little air guitar.

-little boys that come into the office i work at and tell me that when they grow up, they're gonna go to the moon.

-oven roasted veggies. don't get me wrong, i also really like brownies & ice cream.

-men who are named alfred, but prefer to be called butch. and they want butch on their medical records. awesome.

-late night skype dates with dear friends who live far too far away.

-making good food. but i hate dishes. if i could, i would hire someone to clean up after me while i cooked and baked all sorts of delectable things all the day long.

-how silly brian gets when he's done school work for too many hours consecutively. its hilarious.

-the teeny tiny, itty bitty ponytail my hair makes when i try to tie it back when i exercise. its pathetic. and great. i'm loving the short hair.

-our family. come visit us, people! we like you!

-toasted cucumber & tomato sandwiches...yum! i want summer to come. and i want friends who have cucumbers & zuchinni's that grow like weeds in their gardens. give them all to me. please.

-watching lord of the rings while brian is at school. i just drag my computer around the house...cleaning the bathroom, doing dishes, folding laundry. frodo, sam, strider, gandalf and the rest of the gang are such good company while brian finishes midterms.

-that its already wednesday! more than halfway through the week. yippee!

have a delightful week!


  1. i do the same thing whilst cleaning... thank heavens for netflix.

  2. Oh I like you Lauren! And your blog! You have such an appreciation for the simple things in life! And I too love tomato and cucumber sandwiches! I hope you get some cucumbers from someone this summer:)