the facts of life

-we saw a ninety year old man at the mall who has the same pants as brian. for real. and now you know what kind of mall we live close to. ha.

-one of our sunbeams told her parents that she likes her primary teachers because "they are magic." that's one of the best compliments we have ever received.

-its okay to go to bed at 8:30 and sleep until 9:00. sometimes, its more than okay. its wonderful!

-beets are delicious. i love them. i ate them pretty much every day this week.

-another fact about beets? they remind me of this guy.


-we love it when our teeny tiny primary kids sing really loud in sharing time, because most of the time they don't know the words. its hilarious and melts my heart. they're so cute.

-i just baked mixed berry muffins. i don't think there is anything better than a warm kitchen that smells like baking.

-brians mama is here for three whole weeks! party time!

-we discovered rebecca black early this week. life probably would have been better without her. but then again, where would we be without phrases like "we we we so excited"? also, i'm getting better at remembering my days of the week, thanks to rebecca.

-general conference is next weekend! i love general conference. its my favourite two weekends of the year. i can't wait.

-we went to a wedding reception last night for a good friend and his sweet new wifey. i love wedding receptions and seeing friends, but mostly seeing friends that i haven't seen in months that are busy growing babies. see you in six weeks, baby livingstone!

-we hung out with our girl joviah all day yesterday. and you know what that means, right? if you don't, well, you'll find out soon enough.


  1. How I like to describe general conference to those who are unfamiliar: it is like the NBA all-star weekend, but for Mormons, except not disappointing.

  2. love this.

    also, was your urine pink? sorry ... had to ask.


  3. also, also, tadeo is perfect.

  4. beets! i'm in poland a lot and they eat beet soup with EVERYTHING. i always think of dwight.