we stood in the doorway

there are few things that evoke my emotions the way a baby does. really, there is nothing else that makes me feel quite the way i do about babies. our family has been blessed with babies; lots of them. sixteen, to be exact, with the seventeenth coming in july. we welcomed the sixteenth, a new nephew, just last saturday; baby tadeo. baby's mama had the baby at home, with a midwife, and even from our outside view, the experience was incredible. we have never seen or felt anything quite like it.

we arrived at the apartment just minutes after baby arrived, bringing with us his big sister. as we opened the door, a rush of feelings came over us. the apartment was dimly lit, the air was warm. no one was yelling or scurrying about; there was a smile on everybodys face. my sister in law, who was first my friend so many years ago, was calm and happy; she radiated light. she clutched the baby, a beautiful boy with a full head of dark hair. she turned to smile at me; i'd never admired her more than i did then.

i felt brians arm around me, and we looked at eachother and cried. we stood in the doorway of such beauty and strength, mere witnesses to such a miraculous event. the spirit was so strong in the home than night; it was completely unclouded.

we are so thankful for babies; for all of our babies. we're so thankful we have big families and that we get to share in the joy of the children, of our nieces and nephews. we can't wait to have one of our own someday, and add to the ever-growing number of cousins. we stood in the doorway of a place we look forward to being in someday, hopefully soon.

welcome baby tadeo. we love you!