he is my favourite.
he is encouraging, happy & optimistic. he is kind & adventurous. he helps me do hard things. he can always make me smile.

he makes me so so happy.




can you believe it? our little one is already the size of a lime! i've been feeling great and happy and loving being pregnant! its fun to talk with brian about baby names and cloth diapers (look up the difference in cost between disposable and cloth...it'll blow your mind) and ooh and aah at the cute kids at church, knowing we'll have one of those pretty soon. at our ward Christmas party the other night, a couple in our ward let me hold their little girl for awhile. she's about five months old. then it hit me; next Christmas, our baby would be about the same age. so wild! we are so dang excited!

other than the pregnancy which, yes, takes up about 99% of my brain space, we are doing well. brian is nearly done his first semester of engineering and approaching finals. he has done so well this semester, and has great grades in all of his classes! now he just needs to study study study and do well on those finals.

yesterday we had a fun little adventure and went out for the afternoon. we went to canadian tire and bought a magnetic spice rack, which i am like, SO ecstatic about. (i love home-things. a lot.) between a gift card i had from work and canadian tire money, we paid 94 cents for it. we love doing that at canadian tire. then we drove to the north end to a pawn shop. sketchy. brian sold some dvds we don't want, and we made almost enough money for the movies. only had to pay a dollar more. ha. days like yesterday are the best.

we took the pawn money and finally saw "inception." holy. moly. have you seen it yet? my brain exploded in the first five minutes. it was amazing. we loved it. loved it, and were confused by it. go see it so we can talk about it.



ta da!

about a month ago, brian grew an awesome mustache.
we thought there might be some people who would really like to see these photos.



we are SO excited!! i am ten weeks along and feeling really good. i'm just super tired so i sleep lots and lots! besides that, things are good. we have our doctors appointment in a couple of weeks, and we will get to hear the hearbeat!

we are so happy to have this blessing. we are looking forward to the new addition, and love this little one already.


viscosity of a non newtonian fluid

the heading of this post makes it sound really intelligent and complex.

...its not. ha!

tonight, we were talking about how cool the discovery channel is. i wish you could buy just that channel alone, because i would. but then i might be tempted to skip work and stay home and learn about really interesting but relatively useless things all day.

we watched this video. watch it. it's cool.

after we watched it, brian was like, "hey. wanna go make a non newtonian fluid?"
and i was like, "YES!"

so we went into the kitchen, and mixed a cup of cornstarch with some water. oh, and some awesome neon green food coloring. yes! we played with it for at least half an hour, squeezing the solid mass in our fists and then letting the liquid slip between our fingers. so fun! brian is such a little scientist. he was explaining all of the sciencey things that were happening in big sciencey words to me, but i just giggled and played with the green goo.

have you ever done this before? i did it all the time as a kid. if you've never done it, stop reading this blog post, and go and do it now! mix cornstarch with about half as much water. then, be entertained.

luckily, our kitchen used to be the laundry room when this whole house was one home, so we just added a little more water and then the green slime go down the drain in the middle of our kitchen. i love that drain. came in handy when i dropped an entire jar of pickles on the floor last week.

only drawback to our awesome science experiment?
my hands are super itchy...
...i think i'm allergic to cornstarch.



brian is sweet.

sometimes, when i don't feel like making dinner, like this past wednesday, he kindly offers to stop at kfc and eat the newly arrived "double down." i kind of thought it was a good idea...

...until i saw the sandwich.


yup. thats a sandwich, made out of battered, deep fried chicken instead of buns. its filled with bacon, (fake) cheese and "secret" sauce (i don't want to know what the secret is). arguably, i guess you could eat it if you're doing a no carb diet.


let me take a moment to quote a news story i found about the infamous sandwich.

"The Double Down's 540 calories, 30 grams of fat and (ulp) 1,740 milligrams of sodium is likely to leave Canuck consumers doubled over in discomfort more than anything else, said Susan Barr, a professor of food nutrition at the University of British Columbia."

ew. ew. ew.

i just read that quote to brian. he said, "i wasn't doubled over. i handled it like a big man!"

as sweet as it was for brian to give me the night off, i'm afraid he just shaved ten years off his life.



so. this one time, i had the longest, nastiest hair ever. i grew it out for the wedding, and it was seriously out of control. i could post a photo to show you just how sick it was, but i'm so ashamed of it, i'm not going to. and because this is my blog, i can do whatever i want.

point being; it was gross. really.

ta-da! its nasty no longer. i went and got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago, and i looove it.




like a movie.

most week day mornings, i drive brian to the bus stop at the mall. its about five minutes away from our house and we've always caught the bus, waiting there.

yesterday was different.

right as we pulled into the parking lot, the bus pulled out. frantically, i exclaimed, "follow that bus!" brian changed gears, floored our tiny green car and, as he did, turned up the radio. i wish i knew what song it was, but alas. it was modern. it was a little bit electronica and a little bit alternative. there were no vocals for the first couple of minutes, the minutes that we chased the bus. we laughed and brian said, "are we in a movie?" he drove quickly, cut the bus off and pulled into a pizza 73 parking lot. he jumped out the car, grabbed his backpack and ran across the parking lot, just barely catching the bus.

sometimes just getting brian to school in the morning is such an adventure.




happy thanksgiving, everyone!

brian & i spent our long weekend with two of my awesome brothers, their delightful wives and incredibly fun & adorable children. we played with the babies, ran around in a field, played bang!, bohnanza, dutch blitz, apples to apples, cranium and brian enjoyed some "bond"ing with the brothers on the n64 circa 1996. also. we ate. a lot. thanksgiving dinner was delicious!

we got back home this afternoon, and spent a couple hours shopping around for some stuff we still needed for the house. we got a vacuum cleaner! (dear mother. our house is clean. you would be proud. love, lauren.)

for family home evening tonight we talked about being thankful. when i was young my family used to draw pictures of turkeys every thanksgiving. we would trace our hands, design the turkeys however we wanted and then write the things we were thankful on the feathers/fingers. brian and i made our first "thankful turkeys" together tonight, although his turned out to be more of a "thankful stegosaurus."




and yes. we realized after we took the pictures that photobooth takes a mirror image.
so...deciphering our blessings is the puzzle of the week!

be thankful!

b & l



hi! welcome to our brand spankin' new blog.

this is us;


we love doing new things and having fun adventures together. we have a rad family and we love all of them a lot. they're the coolest! we love the gospel. we are so thankful for the knowledge that we have. we like each other, too!

he: just started his engineering degree (yay homework!), likes sports; especially football (go riders!), is a master at finding the funniest youtube videos (more to come on that later), loves all types of animal shirts (you'll see photos), likes to eat delicious food (and she likes to cook & bake!), is a value village hunter (you should see some of the second-hand treasures this kid has dug up), can grow a mean beard (and a pretty dang awesome mustache), devours good books (although this has fallen to the wayside in light of his intense academic pursuits) and loves his wife.

she: has her journalism diploma (so, quite obviously, likes to write!), is currently working for an optometrist (not a passion but its keeping us alive), loves being in the kitchen, creating yummy things (which he likes to eat!), likes to take photos of beautiful things (people, buildings, flowers and more!), delights in many other crafty things (crocheting, scrapbooking, pretty much just making anything cute), loves to read (any good book suggestions?), thinks that hip hop abs is awesome (hilarious...but awesome) and loves her husband.

more to come. we hope you stick around and share in our adventures!

-lauren & brian

p.s. our wedding was awesome. photos and stories to come!