hi! welcome to our brand spankin' new blog.

this is us;


we love doing new things and having fun adventures together. we have a rad family and we love all of them a lot. they're the coolest! we love the gospel. we are so thankful for the knowledge that we have. we like each other, too!

he: just started his engineering degree (yay homework!), likes sports; especially football (go riders!), is a master at finding the funniest youtube videos (more to come on that later), loves all types of animal shirts (you'll see photos), likes to eat delicious food (and she likes to cook & bake!), is a value village hunter (you should see some of the second-hand treasures this kid has dug up), can grow a mean beard (and a pretty dang awesome mustache), devours good books (although this has fallen to the wayside in light of his intense academic pursuits) and loves his wife.

she: has her journalism diploma (so, quite obviously, likes to write!), is currently working for an optometrist (not a passion but its keeping us alive), loves being in the kitchen, creating yummy things (which he likes to eat!), likes to take photos of beautiful things (people, buildings, flowers and more!), delights in many other crafty things (crocheting, scrapbooking, pretty much just making anything cute), loves to read (any good book suggestions?), thinks that hip hop abs is awesome (hilarious...but awesome) and loves her husband.

more to come. we hope you stick around and share in our adventures!

-lauren & brian

p.s. our wedding was awesome. photos and stories to come!


  1. love it love it love it!!! Bacon lettuce thomson... glad I am not the only one who thinks that when I see your initials!!! lol

  2. I will be waiting....(imagine that said in a creepy tone.)

    Love you both so much!
    And I am seriously craving a sandwich now...

  4. Cute cute cute! Can't wait to hear and see more!

  5. wuhooo love the new blog and now I just hope you post more often too. Love you lots and we will see you tomorrow night... remember we are coming to crash your place...hehe

  6. Looking forward to lots of fun posts!

  7. very cool, you two are awesome. brian we miss you in EQ even tho you have finally been replaced. Also, good luck in school.
    Lauren, read, "the happiness project" by Gretchen Rubin. Then give it to Brian.

  8. Had to laugh at hip hop abs....we do that at our house too.

  9. For some reason it shows me your updates but when I go to your blog, it only allows me to see the "welcome" post!!! :(