canada day weekend

so...summertime makes me a bad blogger. i'm too busy living to write about life which, most of the time, feels really awesome. other times, i wish i had a little more time to sit down and record every single thing that happens each day, but that's what instagram is for, right?

our canada day weekend was busy busy busy and just the best! on saturday we drove to calgary and met up with my mama & sister for lunch, after which brian & ollie drove to chestermere to hang out with auntie linda & uncle randy and all us girls went to the jubilee to see "les mis." i spent the first half of the show sitting in the third row and i started crying when the opening notes were played. during intermission, my mama and i switched seats, so i spent the second half next to erin. and yes, we cried together. i loved seeing the show with those two! what amazing music and such a powerful story. also about "les mis", brian finally watched the movie and he loves the music. there's probably nothing better than my husband blasting "who am i" and singing along. i love it.

after the show was over, brian picked me up and we went to peters drive thru. i shared a raspberry lime milkshake with ollie. he went crazy over it, although, thinking back on it, i'm wondering if that's why he hardly slept the rest of the car ride to pense. we pulled into brians parents house at about 1:00 am. yikes!

 the next day, dale & cassies sweet baby thomas was blessed. it was so wonderful to be there and to meet our new little nephew. he is such a cute little guy! i loved snuggling him and ollie loved showing where his eyes are. we probably shouldn't have taught him "eyes" right before we came, but thomas took the eye poking like a champ. watch out ollie, he may get you back for that someday.


the rest of the weekend was spent in reading & napping for me, brian playing lots of board games with his brothers and ollie enjoying grandma & grandpa thomsons endless supply of watermelon & cars. ollie got to roam naked, go for rides in the wagon and watch grandpas remote control boat. on july 1st we lit a gigantic fire to commemorate the birth of this fine country. it was awesome. the only downer was the bout of heat exhaustion that our little outdoors lover suffered through, but that meant extra cuddles for me. it was quite the weekend!

happy birthday, canada! and thank you for hosting us, mom & dad thomson! it was so fun to be there.