happy thanksgiving, everyone!

brian & i spent our long weekend with two of my awesome brothers, their delightful wives and incredibly fun & adorable children. we played with the babies, ran around in a field, played bang!, bohnanza, dutch blitz, apples to apples, cranium and brian enjoyed some "bond"ing with the brothers on the n64 circa 1996. also. we ate. a lot. thanksgiving dinner was delicious!

we got back home this afternoon, and spent a couple hours shopping around for some stuff we still needed for the house. we got a vacuum cleaner! (dear mother. our house is clean. you would be proud. love, lauren.)

for family home evening tonight we talked about being thankful. when i was young my family used to draw pictures of turkeys every thanksgiving. we would trace our hands, design the turkeys however we wanted and then write the things we were thankful on the feathers/fingers. brian and i made our first "thankful turkeys" together tonight, although his turned out to be more of a "thankful stegosaurus."




and yes. we realized after we took the pictures that photobooth takes a mirror image.
so...deciphering our blessings is the puzzle of the week!

be thankful!

b & l


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Nice pictures, nice blessings.
    We are thankful for you! Congrats on the vacuum cleaner - useful appliances are something to be very thankful for.

  2. warning: i'm gonna use the ! alot.


    i'm thankful for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also: your pictures are NOT on their way. still being held hostage. !!!!!!!!!.