like a movie.

most week day mornings, i drive brian to the bus stop at the mall. its about five minutes away from our house and we've always caught the bus, waiting there.

yesterday was different.

right as we pulled into the parking lot, the bus pulled out. frantically, i exclaimed, "follow that bus!" brian changed gears, floored our tiny green car and, as he did, turned up the radio. i wish i knew what song it was, but alas. it was modern. it was a little bit electronica and a little bit alternative. there were no vocals for the first couple of minutes, the minutes that we chased the bus. we laughed and brian said, "are we in a movie?" he drove quickly, cut the bus off and pulled into a pizza 73 parking lot. he jumped out the car, grabbed his backpack and ran across the parking lot, just barely catching the bus.

sometimes just getting brian to school in the morning is such an adventure.



  1. ha! i can picture the little green car with you to in it ... "onward, foul beast!" right?

  2. ha ha ha ha oh adventures!!!! I think y'all should have an adventure with your sweet friend Michae!!! She's a hoot and her life is ALWAYS a movie!!!!