brian is sweet.

sometimes, when i don't feel like making dinner, like this past wednesday, he kindly offers to stop at kfc and eat the newly arrived "double down." i kind of thought it was a good idea...

...until i saw the sandwich.


yup. thats a sandwich, made out of battered, deep fried chicken instead of buns. its filled with bacon, (fake) cheese and "secret" sauce (i don't want to know what the secret is). arguably, i guess you could eat it if you're doing a no carb diet.


let me take a moment to quote a news story i found about the infamous sandwich.

"The Double Down's 540 calories, 30 grams of fat and (ulp) 1,740 milligrams of sodium is likely to leave Canuck consumers doubled over in discomfort more than anything else, said Susan Barr, a professor of food nutrition at the University of British Columbia."

ew. ew. ew.

i just read that quote to brian. he said, "i wasn't doubled over. i handled it like a big man!"

as sweet as it was for brian to give me the night off, i'm afraid he just shaved ten years off his life.


  1. My husband just ate that the other night as well. I have never seen the "sandwich" until this moment. I wish I hadn't. That is D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G. I am amazed that anyone would desire to eat that!

  2. This is so hilarious! When Jess and I read this last night we could not stop laughing for like 5 minutes(seriously) This looks so disgusting but I guess it could appeal to someone who can eat deep fried foods for a WHOLE weekend! After we composed ourselves Jess remembered a skit on SNL called Taco Town-just as disgusting and that got us going again!Look it up on you-tube
    Anyways love you guys(even if Brian eats disgusting things!!!)haha

  3. we had to make a special stop for one of these when we were in st. george in april. and yes, darren has eaten another since they came to canada ... so 20 years down the drain?


  4. So I have now FINALLY seen what they look like! So GROSS!!!!!! Trev totally had one, and the worst part was it was COLD! Ewww, bet you thought it couldn't get any worse, but I am pretty sure it did! He plans to eat one this week with his work buddies before they play hockey, needless to say I have a sneaking suspicion that game wont last long:)

  5. Love the post! I am sorry - or maybe embarrassed? - to say that I really would LOVE to indulge in this. Yes, the deep fried. Yes, the fake cheese. Yes, the bacon. And secret sauce? Hey, even the Big Mac has secret sauce!

    well, now the secret's out. I love good food, but have a special spot in my belly for fast fatty food too. :)

  6. Carly tried one and loved it. I just want to be sick when I look at the picture.