can you believe it? our little one is already the size of a lime! i've been feeling great and happy and loving being pregnant! its fun to talk with brian about baby names and cloth diapers (look up the difference in cost between disposable and cloth...it'll blow your mind) and ooh and aah at the cute kids at church, knowing we'll have one of those pretty soon. at our ward Christmas party the other night, a couple in our ward let me hold their little girl for awhile. she's about five months old. then it hit me; next Christmas, our baby would be about the same age. so wild! we are so dang excited!

other than the pregnancy which, yes, takes up about 99% of my brain space, we are doing well. brian is nearly done his first semester of engineering and approaching finals. he has done so well this semester, and has great grades in all of his classes! now he just needs to study study study and do well on those finals.

yesterday we had a fun little adventure and went out for the afternoon. we went to canadian tire and bought a magnetic spice rack, which i am like, SO ecstatic about. (i love home-things. a lot.) between a gift card i had from work and canadian tire money, we paid 94 cents for it. we love doing that at canadian tire. then we drove to the north end to a pawn shop. sketchy. brian sold some dvds we don't want, and we made almost enough money for the movies. only had to pay a dollar more. ha. days like yesterday are the best.

we took the pawn money and finally saw "inception." holy. moly. have you seen it yet? my brain exploded in the first five minutes. it was amazing. we loved it. loved it, and were confused by it. go see it so we can talk about it.



  1. 1st: i know right? inception was totally wild. you should come visit so we can talk about it ... i won't do it over the phone/ichat.

    2nd: a lime? exciting! it's probably the cutest little lime sized thing a uterus has ever grown. start telling it now how fabulous it's auntie erin is. we're going to be tight ...

    3rd: did you know that mom gave me the shaft this weekend too? and i was so sad?

    4th: i love you!

  2. Okay that just might be the cutest little grand baby lime I ever did see. Glad to hear your feeling so great. Good luck on the finals Brian.

  3. Aw cloth diapers. I know, diapers are ridiculous! We started out with good intentions, but by the time we were actually parents we're kinda glad we're doing disposable. Though kudos to you if you actually do it, I heard now a days they're actually not that bad. I love your little lime baby and glad you're doing so well and not sick.

  4. Yeah for limes! Go check out my blog, pretty sure mine is already the size of watermelon, or at least that's what it looks like I stuffed under my shirt:) I am so happy you are doing so well!

  5. congratulations!! I guess I missed the pregnancy announcement. I am so excited for you guys!! so when is your due date? We are due June 17.

    p.s. inception was crazy. I just saw it last night. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  6. Okay, yes, I too am excited for your baby, and even that you got to see a great movie. BUT.... why has no one commented on the fact that you went to a pawn shop? That is something I have never done, nor would I have the guts to do. Was it creepy?