dear green caterpillar,

first off, i think i owe you an apology. i begged and pleaded with brian not to buy a standard. the concept of driving a stick shift is something that was completely foreign to me until we bought you. i'm sorry for being so snobby, and refusing to drive you for the first couple of weeks. brian had to drive me to work insanely early so he could to school on time just so i could avoid the painful process of learning how to wield the powers of a standard. when i finally stopped being such a sissy, i realized what a nice little car you are.

i'm sorry that i made you stall. like, a lot. especially those first couple of weeks. i'm also sorry for making people honk at you; i know its not very nice. i'm sorry i always drove the long way around instead of learning how to back up.

but now that i've learned to drive you, we're good friends, right?

thanks for never misbehaving when brian wasn't in the car with me; car problems worry me so. thank you for keeping your trusty little tires on the road when it was really really icy. also, thanks for taking us on so many fun adventures. and a really big thank you to your tires, which were pretty bald when we bought the car, that managed to last until this week when we finally had the time & money to put new ones on.

way to go, green caterpillar.
we promise to take good care of you, if you keep doing the same for us.

-l & b

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  1. oooooh memories of learning to drive stick just jumped into my mind... so funny.