potty mouth

have i ever told you how much i love garlic?

my mama raised me on garlic. i can't remember very many meals that didn't include garlic. past roommates used to determine whether or not i had made dinner yet by the smell in the kitchen; if it smelled of garlic, chances were good i had already eaten. i seriously can't think of a single day in memory when i didn't eat garlic.

last night, as i was chopping garlic, brian walked into the kitchen. i turned to him and said, "i think i cut up too much garlic." he replied, "whoa now! watch your mouth, young lady. 'too much garlic' is a swear in this house."

that being said; have i ever told you how much i love my husband?

he makes my heart go pitter-patter.
he loves me and he loves garlic.


  1. you guys are too cute! ps. jovie is very excited to see you tomorrow.

  2. A husband who loves you AND loves garlic - life doesn't get any better! Love, Auntie Cathy

  3. yes, yes, garlic is the best! makes everything taste better. and good for you too.

  4. I sometimes click over and read your blog. I am good friends with Ashely (Cahoon) Shurtz, and I just had to comment. We live in the bay area in California, and there is a city just south of us called Gilroy. Gilroy is where most of the garlic in the US is grown. Every year they have a garlic festival where EVERYTHING is made out of garlic including the ice cream. You should go. You would love it.

  5. @ carly. glad you stopped by!
    ...its snowing here right now. california sounds pretty good. california & garlic. i'm dreaming of such sweet things.