we're going downtown

brian is done exams! he is done the semester! he is done for the summer!
no more school until september.
we couldn't be more giddy. all day yesterday, brian kept shouting for joy and then exclaiming, "i'm done! i'm done? I'M DONE!"

first year engineering proved to be intense. brian did hours & hours of homework, all of which were worth it; he finished up this year at the top of his class. i am so proud of him. i brag about him all the time. he has worked so hard and has the marks to prove it. he's applied for the mechanical engineering program at the university of alberta for next year. we're so excited! he went to an info night a few weeks ago to learn about the different classes he'll be taking over the next four years and hasn't stopped talking about it since. robot competitions and myth busting are just a couple of examples of all the fun stuff he'll be doing. awesome!

we celebrated by going for a walk downtown and eating at this delightful little place, 'blue plate diner.' we like finding tiny little restaurants that make us delicious food and this place is a gem. i ate my first ever veggie burger and fell in love. the patty was made of mushrooms, rutabagas, wild rice, sesame seeds and beets. i'm obsessed with beets. brian ate the mac & cheese, listed in 2009 as one of the 25 best things to eat in edmonton. holy moly. it was so dang good. we sat by the window and enjoyed people watching. come visit me, and we'll go eat there. we'll go again. the sweet potato fries need to be re-visited. yum.

after filling ourselves with delicious food we came home and watched 'tron.' well, brian watched it. i watched about half of it; i really and truly have the worst track record for staying awake all the way through a movie. yes, i have fallen asleep in a theatre.

ah. welcome summer! we can't wait for warmer weather and more adventures.

from spring '09.


  1. lauren! love it.
    i will so come to visit you.
    and we will absolutely eat here.
    i love beets too!

  2. Yum, that burger sounds delish. We watched Tron yesterday night... with the kids... until 1030.... I barely made it. Once we went to a drive-in .. the kids totally made it until midnight and I canned out waaaay before then. Nice to read your follow up post, Brian. You two make a great match. We love you both.