bean farmers

how do i even begin to write about a weekend that was that awesome?

it started with a bonus AND a gift card at work. go team! then came my mama and her man, tim, up to our city for a visit. we gorged ourselves at an indian buffet (oh, cinnamon naan bread) and waddled home to my brothers place. we stayed up late playing games.
and then mama and i stayed up even later giggling in bed while brian slept on the couch. sorry, m'dear. we slept in and then we ate english muffins with eggs and bacon for breakfast. yum. but then we topped it off with fresh chocolate milk from a dairy farm in bc. thank youuuu, big brother matthew and all your awesome connections.
then we walked to the farmers market where we got bounced around by like 623 other edmontonians. we had samples of fruit & veggies & sausage & chocolates. my mama bought a huge basil plant and we strapped it into the strolled that haylen opted out of; he'd rather be snuggled up to tim. we walked down whyte ave and saw a man playing three recorders; one with his mouth and one out of each nostril.
we visited aunts and uncles and introduced tim to even more family.
we played angry birds and we taught mama how to play angry birds. we ate burgers (with fresh basil leaves!) and potato fries at home and kept our food away from the little scavenging baby haylen. then we played even more games. and then mama and i giggled some more.
we went to church and listened to the testimonies of others. then we sent mama and tim on their way, and went to singing time with our little sunbeams. we sang out our little hearts in preparation for mothers day next week, and we taught them a lesson all about the wonderful things our bodies can do and why Heavenly Father made them just the way He did.

we had a really, really great weekend.
welcome to the family, tim. we're totally delighted to have you.


  1. I love it! What a fabulous weekend! You have this writing talent my dear! I try to write short and sweet, but can't, but you do a great job at it! So happy you had so much fun with the fam!

  2. That does sound like a fabulous weekend!

  3. It was great to read about the fun you had. mmmm..... d Dutchmen dairy ......