butter pecan & chocolate moose tracks

like i previously mentioned, i spent this past weekend with my mom, sister, grandma, aunts and almost more cousins than we could squeeze into one house. almost.

it was a blast! a weekend that will go down in the ages and, i hope, be repeated.

we spent friday night and all of saturday together. we shared beds and passed around the babies. we ate the ice cream that my mother has owed to us for a few months now (kissing ice cream!) and birthday cake to celebrate three different birthdays within a couple of weeks of eachother.

we were reminded, by eachother and by the speakers at time out for women, of our worth and value as women. we were encouraged to grow and progress. "what lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." we were told that nothing, not even ourselves, should stop us from becoming the women Heavenly Father intended us to be.

i don't think i have ever been at a family function and have not expressed, to another family member, that we have the raddest family ever. this past weekend was no exception. my grandma sewed each and every one of us microwave potato bags. we got to meet tims daughter; they're great! at one point, my aunt said, and i quote, "i laughed so hard i could've dropped a baby." i die! we ate delicious food together and laughed and cried together, growing in spirit and love.

i love these women.


like, a lot.

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  1. It was awesome seeing you!! And I agree, pretty awesome family fo shizzle!