brians sister jenn, her two kiddos joviah & tadeo and ollie & i drove out to pense, saskatchewan at the end of june to spend time with brians family. we had so much fun!

we relaxed at home, went to the beach, enjoyed the beautiful flowers, stayed up late chatting & watching movies and had a lovely time all together. we got to see oma finken, grandma abbott, the brownlows and lots of other family when we were there, too. i also got to visit some old friends.

it was fun to be able to go to my old home ward and show off my baby. everyone had an opinion about who he looks like; "he's all thomson!" "he looks just like a henrie!" i like hearing both of those things...makes me feel like ollie is a good mix of the two of us.

it was such a great trip and even with all the driving the kids did so good!

 ollie & auntie cassie taking a nap. 
so sweet & snuggly.

ollie & his great grandma abbott (brians dads mom).

ollie & his great grandma finken (oma. brians moms mom).
they were having a good chat!

he loved all the space in the big bath tub and did lots of kicking every night.

visiting with some dear friends from my elementary & high school days.
(ollie was ready to head home; we should've gotten a picture earlier!)

tadeo at the beach! 

joviah with the cat that wandered into the yard one day.
it continued coming back daily...obviously! this little girl loved it.
 just a glimpse of mama joannes beautiful flowers.

ollie & his new friend brooklyn. brooklyns mama krista is a close friend of mine. i adore her and its so fun that these two are just a couple months apart!

joviah the dinosaur!

my dear friend nena got to meet ollie! 

grandma with three of her boys!

ollie & the balloon. he was quite entertained by this balloon all week.

loving life on the back porch. (minus the mosquitoes! ha ha.)

we had so much fun! going back to saskatchewan always feels like home.

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  1. Man, Ollie is CUTE! p.s. expect a loooooong email from me soon. :)