tall corn & little pigs

we got to go a little south last weekend to visit my brother & his family. we went to the corn maze just outside of lacombe and enjoyed getting a little lost in the maze, eating kettle corn (which in my opinion is the best treat. ever.) and deep fried pickles (which were a little weird, but kind of good if i'm being totally honest.)

 ollie & his cousin sam

gracie, evan & abbi. 

 celebrating the end of the maze!

everyone went back into the corn maze for a second go around (there were a couple of different routes) but ollie was too hot, so he and i enjoyed some time in the shade.

aaaand, then we met some baby piggies and they were adorable and i tried to convince brian to let me bring one home, but i guess a pig isn't really suited for apartment life.


ollie was really excited about the baby pigs too!

"aw, shucks mom. enough pictures!"
(ollies little overalls are from brians mom...baby clothes from when brian was a wee one!)

we had such a fun day with jess & jayna & co. it was followed by a yummy meal and, as per usual, staying up way too late visiting. we love you guys! thanks for the fun day!


  1. Yes the popcorn was delish! The deep fried pickles were weird but kinda not bad.
    The visiting was awesome even though we did stay up way too late! We always love to visit with you guys. And that was way better than watching a movie!
    Come again soon! We love you guys too!

  2. Oh ya! Jess totally wants a pig too! He keeps talking about it!

  3. We are finally home from our holidays and it was fun to get caught up on your blog. I love all the new pictures of Ollie. He is growing so much and is so adorable. Hope to skype soon. - Mom T.

  4. We have been talking about getting a pig forever!...maybe one of these days we will all three have little piggies..The Three little Pigs! :)