for the record

at almost six months old, our oliver is getting to be so grown up. he is rolling over very proficiently, grabbing at things with incredible accuracy and getting so excited when he watches us eat. (solids in a couple of weeks, buddy boy!) he smiles at most everyone and laughs with his daddy; i think they have the same goofy sense of humor. it's so fun to watch them together. he's still working on the whole sitting up thing; every time he is sitting up he looks at me or brian, smiles with his whole body and them flops down. and then he smiles some more. our baby boy is a happy one, except when his teeth are bothering him. he broke his first two a couple of months ago and from the looks (and sounds!) of things those top two are coming soon. he still loves to read stories; he listens so intently and looks at all the pictures. i am entirely convinced that the reason babies grow up so fast is so we keep having them. and heck, if they keep coming out this cute, we'll have a bunch more!

we love you ollie!


  1. he has a perfect face. true story.

  2. most. adorable. boy. ever.
    thanks for letting me cuddle him this weekend!