the Christmas posts: the days after

we spent the days after Christmas relaxing, eating, (are you noticing a trend?) staying up way too late playing games and doing a little snowmobiling on the warmer days.

baby marcus was blessed and we were so glad to be there for it.

i got to see my dear friend nofa! i've missed her.

we also celebrated my 25th (!!!) birthday the night before we headed home. i had only one request...hazelnut torte. hazelnut torte is a very delicious cake that is popular in brians family. it was our wedding cake, too! it is so so yummy. i'm already looking forward to brians birthday, when i will make my very first hazelnut torte for him. thanks for the amazing cake, mom joanne!

the entire spread, with the cake in the front. and that's the game we got for Christmas in the back...if you want to play it, come over! it's the best!

ollie helped me blow out my candles.

and thus ends my documentation of Christmas 2012. it was lovely!

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  1. It was great to have you here. Too bad the time went so fast. It was a privilege to share in Oliver's first Christmas.