getting back into it

now that ollie is a little older, i can leave him for longer periods of time. that being said, i've decided to get busier with photography again and i'm very excited about it!

on january 1st, i had the opportunity to take pictures for katie & saul. they are such a lovely pair and we had fun taking pictures together. i was a little nervous since theirs was the first wedding i've done in about a year and a half, but once we got going, i felt so comfortable. thanks you two, for being so friendly and ridiculously photogenic! and thanks for braving the cold for longer than i thought we would last...your winter wedding was gorgeous.

they make it look warm...love this.
when really, this is what saul looked like every chance he got. ha ha!

a friend of katies handmade her jewelry. beautiful!

katie had so much fun. right before this she looked at me and said,
"take a picture of me running through the snow, k?"

thanks you two, for trusting me to take pictures of your big day. wishing you all the best in your future adventures together...may your love always keep you warm.

and last, but not least, one of my very favourites of the day. you are stunning, katie, and so very happy. 


  1. Nice pics, Lauren! The last one is absolutely lovely.

  2. They look beautiful, you talented lady! I love your photos, always, I'm excited you've picked it back up!

  3. beautiful, sister! i love them. and the last one is def my fave too....

  4. These are gorgeous! I'm glad everything turned out so well.