ten months!

today our little oliver is TEN MONTHS OLD. in case anyone is thinking of bringing it up, i don't talk about how close he is to turning a year old, okay? okay, good. glad we got that out of the way.

we've recently bestowed upon our boy the title of "oliver the observant". this little guy watches everything. his favourite thing to watch is cooking or baking. if i am doing anything in the kitchen, he must be able to see it. he insists on being held while i am making dinner, but most of the time i put him in the carrier on my back and hoist him up really high so he can look over my shoulder. he especially loves pots of boiling water and the bosch. besides kitchen adventures, ollie loves watching cars, people, the printer...anything that moves, really. it is so fun to watch him as he watches; i can see the wheels turning in his head as he takes everything in. he's such a curious little fellow.

before Christmas holidays, ollie was still a little shaky pulling himself up to standing. it took a lot of effort and he didn't do it too often. the first day we got to grandma & grandpa thomsons, he endeavored to climb the stairs. this became his favourite daily activity and in just a couple of days he could reach the top really quickly. he is now a standing fiend. he prefers standing, holding onto various pieces of furniture/my legs to most other activities (including playing with any of his awesome new toys he got for Christmas). watching him stand and walk along the couch is the cutest but also the craziest thing ever. when did he get so big? he's adorable.

another favourite activity of our ollie is eating. he loves to eat. or should i say he loves playing with his food? he hardly lets me feed him off a spoon anymore, and if he does, it's because he also has a vast array of food on his tray that he is mashing around at the same time. it's the messiest thing ever, but he loves it and it's fun to watch him as he concentrates to pick up each piece of food. he loves sweet potatoes, peas, beans, corn, chicken and lately, oranges.

ten months old and growing like a weed, ollie is getting cuter and more grown up by the day. he is changing so quickly i can hardly keep up. love you, little man!


  1. Love the pictures of him eating! He's really been becoming a little boy! There is one positive about babies growing up...NURSERY! ! Haha.
    Oh my, I'm a horrible Mama.

  2. He is so darling Lauren! I know he looks a lot like Brian and that's all fine.....but I can see some of you too!

  3. If we don't talk about it, it won't happen, right?

    he's cuuuuute!

  4. Wow 10 months... how did that happen. It's so fun to see him growing and progressing. I love the pictures and if I have to choose I think my favorite is the 4th one of him peeking back at you with his scrunched up shoulder. That's total mischief I see in those eyes so watch out momma.