party time!

on ollies first birthday, he celebrated by taking a three hour nap. it was awesome. 

we had calls from family throughout the day, wishing our little guy a happy birthday and remembering the way things were this time last year. i absolutely cannot believe it's been an entire year (plus more!) since my life changed so dramatically. later, when bri came home from work, we had a yummy dinner all together and then video chatted with grandma & grandpa thomson and uncle daniel. great birthday for the boy!

the next day we had a party for ollie. i had been getting ready for it throughout the week, so i was excited when it finally arrived! we had a shrine of ollie pictures on the wall with his birthday poster, homemade vanilla & chocolate cupcakes and some of ollies favourite treats for our guests, including garlicky white bean dip with pita chips, veggies with hummus and fruit skewers. i loved having some family and close friends here with us to celebrate his birthday. we wished we could've had everyone come, but many miles and a lack of space stopped us from inviting more people. ollie stayed up late playing with his gifts (hot wheels!) and coming down from the intense sugar rush he got from his very first cupcake. it was a great party!

party prep!

the cupcakes, all ready to go.
having a staring contest with the cupcakes.
the party spread!
"stop! no more pictures, mama!" (admittedly, i do take a lot of picture of this boy.)
singing happy birthday to my sweet boy.
he was very "ollie" about his first cupcake. he just stared at it for a really long time. then he started touching and poking it, looking at me for approval every time he did. when he worked up the courage to pick it up, our friend mike would cheer. startled, ollie would put the cupcake back down. it was cute; he was so cautious & careful. when he started tasting it and realized how delicious it was, he looked at me like i'd been holding out on him for too long. 

sharing with mama.

joviah was really excited about ollies presents. ha!
daddy & ollie playing with the hot wheels.
happy birthday, baby boy!


  1. happy birthday to our little friend ollie! i love that you can say "ollie about it" and i know exactly what you mean! p.s. i want that first picture framed in b&w in my house!

  2. Looks like a great day! Happy Birthday Little Cutie!! Can you believe he's 1 year already! So crazy! What a big boy already! Can't wait to see you guys in the summer!