pita pit date // the henrie cousins, minus salmon arm kiddos
sometimes ollie hangs out in the tub while i get ready // overnight oats
party prep // sometimes i buy baby girl clothes and hoard them away
the day before his first birthday
visiting the fish at the library // up to his usual business
enjoying his birthday cupcakes // the cupcakes!
the very hungry caterpillar // maple dijon chicken that was so delicious
baby boy is over 20 lbs and just under 30 inches at one year
celebrating pi day // chicken pot pie & bumbleberry pie
the cupcakes for rachaels baby shower // mustache cake for the baby shower, too
ollie & olyvia at miriams // the centering babes, one year old
ollie thought it was really funny to put his dinner down his onsie instead of eating it
visiting daddy at work // hanging out in our grubbies
BP came to babysit ollie; he loves her // my pom-pom headed road trip buddy
somebodys sleeping in my bed
playing with the toys at grandmas // playing with the pots at grandmas
reunited with some old friends at kellys wedding reception
my brother, the lawyer/artist. talented guy!
twinners at the family dinner // ollie is fascinated with peoples mouths
twister with the ryan, nadya & grandma 
browsing the books at value village. so grown up!
how grandma baths her babies // napping in the car
nursing my cold // our parking lot was a lake
bow tie baby for easter!
envious ollie // good thing tadeo is good at sharing

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