because sometimes i like to post a bunch of instagram photos on my blog. you can follow me @lrthomson, if you'd like!

eggs & toast for breakfast // he loves the bosch
the first hazelnut torte i've ever made // photo shrine for the birthday boy
avocado face mask in the morning // buddies at costco
my sweet boy
ollie & evan - bffs // sam fell asleep when we watched "milo & otis"
working on baby shower invites for rachaels baby boy, due in may // the finished product
ollie & tavin wrestling at rachaels birthday dinner - funny boys // when did he get so big?
valentines crafts & photoshoot
friendship bracelet making // a fresh haircut 
a sick, cuddly baby
my friend andrea from high school was in edmonton, so we got to have lunch together
clearing out the cupboards // he got mad when there was nothing left within reach
gathering photos for ollies birthday wall // tearing toilet paper makes him happy
new bread recipe found here // ollie & daddy playing


  1. i think my favorite picture is of him tearing toilet paper. his eyelashes when looking down look so full and lush. he is really the cutest boy ever.

  2. I love following you on instagram. It always brightens my day to find a new picture.