family day fun

family day is the best! who doesn't love a holiday monday with specific instructions to hang out with your family? the whole long weekend was awesome, actually! 

we had amazing weather on saturday, so the three of us decided to enjoy the afternoon at the silver skate festival, a speed skating festival that happens yearly in edmonton. there were ice sculptures and hot chocolate and (my favourite) maple syrup that was boiled & poured onto snow, with which we got to make maple syrup popsicles! yum.

ollie was pretty upset he didn't get one...
on sunday we had our friends the malmbergs & the cardonas over for dinner. kaylee & i have been planning ollie & tatums wedding since she found out she was having a girl, and on sunday the two love birds shared their first kiss! really. ollie crawled over to scott, who was holding tatum, pulled himself up, grabbed tatums shoulders and planted one right on her lips. bold little man! when the cardonas got there, theo decided he would also kiss tatum. he also took his first steps towards brian! it was a monumental evening, to say the least. 

she decided she didn't like all the attention anymore. 
monday was the official holiday, so we took advantage of brians day off work and went to the petting zoo at bonnie doon mall! the malmbergs & the cardonas also came, so monday was basically a continuation of sundays party. :) we thought ollie & theo would like the animals more than they did....ha ha. 

theo liked the bunny...ollie did not. 
and ollie finished off the holiday monday by eating an apple. that made up for the traumatizing petting zoo experience.

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  1. That Ollie is so so cute.

    How fun that there is so much to do up there for family day! We didn't leave the house!