when the henries come to visit

my brother jess & his wife jayna & all of their kiddos came to edmonton yesterday. jess & jayna went to the temple and then out to dinner, so we had the kids at our place all day. we practiced having five kids and let me tell you, i sure am glad we'll be out of this apartment by the time that day comes. ha! we had fun with them here! brian enjoyed tossing evan around and ollie loved having his cousins around. he watched them all day long and had fun playing with them.

brian told evan he was going to put him in jail, so he threw him in ollies crib. 
then he put the rest of the kiddos in, too! 

i'm not sure what abbi is doing to grace in this next picture, but sam has the cutest little smile in the back and ollie & evan are the best of chums.

and seriously. i love evan with his arm around ollie! 

sam is a stud.

colouring cuties.

we threw all the boys in the bath together at the end of the night.

cute bums!

thanks for coming to visit! we love having you here.


  1. Ollie looks so pleased to be with all the big kids. Great post!

  2. Love all the cousins together! So fun! I LOVE the bums picture!! Adorable! Cute little baby bums are the best! :)

  3. Love it... we should have joined in on the madness!! Except that we are contaminated with another awful cold.. so we better keep laying low. Love you!

  4. um, sam looks like a baby nadya in the last picture. for real.

    fun times!