top three

best parts of our day?

1. asking our sunbeams in primary what they should thank Heavenly Father for when they pray. our little chatterbox boy piped up and said, "um! my mom & dad said i'm not allowed to use the word 'butt' anymore!" we love three year olds. and the things they tell us.

2. having a sunday afternoon nap. and then wrestling brian. the only way i could defend myself was to grab his face and contort it. that didn't turn out so well. i just ended up laughing so hard i couldn't do anything. it was really really hilarious.

3. going to the mendenhall family dinner and enjoying the company of our delightful family. and then playing a game and realizing that my uncle looks alarmingly similar to steve carell...awesome.



  1. So, is that your Uncle in that picture? because I would have to agree. (won't I look dumb if it's not now...haha)

  2. I laughed so hard when I saw this post I couldn't talk!!!! yes my dad looks like steve carell. I'll try and take a picture of him and post it on facebook so whom ever wants to can steal it..... lol
    sure love ya!

  3. oh my goodness - you are so right! how did I never see it before? uncle SteveKirk.

  4. ohhhh i love steve carrell.....and fleet foxes (referring to the post a couple posts down).

  5. When we were in YW/YM, we referred to him as Rick, as in Rick Moranis. What a lucky guy to have so many dopplegangers....