just thought you should see this.
cat on cats on brian.


my husband is rad.
this shirt is just one of the many animal shirts he owns. we like this one.
when i do laundry, i've got the entire animal kingdom in my washing machine.
lions, tigers and bears! oh my!
really though. and some wolves and fish and ducks and all sorts of things.
the shirts are awesome.
and i love him!

p.s. cutest kitten ever?
our good friends, kevin & rachael, just moved to edmonton. yay! welcome!


  1. ooh that's a cute kitty! i really like kittys but don't really like cats.

    you live in edmonton?! my husband served his mission there. we are planning a trip there this summer!

  2. Awww Arizona is really loving this pic! It's full of her people:) And I have to say I loved when you talked about your laundry! ha ha. You are so funny! I love it!

  3. Is that your kitty? I mean the little one not the big one.