we're back from almost three weeks, punctuated by three days of work, of Christmas holidays. so delightful.

hi-lights of our holidays?

going to see "despicable me" at the cheap seats and then using our dq gift card from my grandma & grandpa! (thank you! such a good treat!)

brian acing all of his finals. he's a little smarty pants and i'm a proud wife. he's doing really well, and we are ever so glad. high marks = co-op program!

good roads to travel on. bad roads are scary in our tiny car. it weighs like 57 pounds.

cheese. lots of it. cheese with prosciutto and basil rolled into it. so. good. brians dad served his mission in italy and knows pretty much everything there is to know about good cheese.

games. games into the early morning.

going to see "honk!" at the globe theatre on christmas eve. my family knows how much i theatre, theatre at the globe theatre, and got brian and i tickets. it was so fun! the costumes were silly and the songs were delightful. thanks family!

lots of visiting.

the fact that i got three messages on my phone from someone trying to get a hold of "ron" or "jenn". awesome.

getting to hang out with brian without school work hanging over his head. finally!

the Christmas nativity on Christmas eve.

joviah following brian around for an entire week, saying his name. "bri? bri? bri?" brian goes to the bathroom. joviah stands outside the door. "bri? bri? bri?" brian sits down to eat dinner. joviah nearly climbs out of her high chair just to get a good look. "bri? bri? bri?" so cute.

being with my new family and learning new Christmas traditions!

never making dinner in almost three weeks.

new years. since when has my family expanded to an astonishing 23 people? and yes. if you're wondering, we did all stay in the same house. and yes. it was rad!

watching all my nieces and nephews (12!) play with brian. they love him so much.

feeling lots of love and support from the people we love.

we feel blessed. we are looking forward to the many wonderful things we know 2011 will bring!
all the best to you & yours,

the thomsons


  1. theres no way that you posted this tues, jan 4th @ 4:36 am. cuz i've been watching, and waiting. i'm creepy like that.

    sooo good seeing your lovely face over the holidays. i love you. a lot.

    ichat soon?

  2. Sounds like an amazing holiday for you two! Hope this year is a great one for you guys...

  3. hey, we used or DQ card and saw "dispicable me", too! creepy.

  4. Hey Lauren,

    My dad served his mission in Italy too. Where did your F-I-L serve? and when?

    I am friends with Erin...by the way.

  5. It was all one mission when my dad served. '69-'71

    He served mainly in the northern parts of Italy, not serving south of Rome.