pennies & pinching them

...quite literally pinching pennies.


when brian & i were home at Christmas, brian found a pottery jar he made in grade nine art class. and inside the jar we found 26 dollars! in change. nothing bigger than a quarter. we emptied it out into a ziploc bag, leaving the precious pottery behind for his mother to enjoy.

the week we got back from holidays, we found ourselves with an empty fridge and empty stomachs. we went to superstore and ended up with a bill that was about $51.00. we used the gift card that grandma abbott gave us for Christmas, (thanks, grandma!) leaving around $26.00. you wanna know what we did?

we dug that ziploc bag out of my purse, and began the process of feeding every single quarter, nickel, dime and penny through the slot. (please note; one of brians favourite things to do at the grocery store is putting loose change into the self checkout.) near the beginning we got a little too excited and jammed the coin slot, which really annoyed the zitty 15 year old boy that was in charge of all the self checkouts. we did better after that, but he still shot us dirty looks. we stood in front of the self checkout for twenty minutes, until we had paid all of our bill with coins! yes! i totally thought we would sissy out and pay some on debit, but we prevailed! awesome!

also. when we walked out of the grocery store and past the kid who was glaring at us, i said to him, "you might wanna empty your machine tonight."

i'm so mean.


  1. totally awesome.

    the whole scene totally played out in my head, and i loved every minute.

  2. This makes me happy. Nothing like $26 in change!

  3. One day when you have an income of one million dollars (I have BIG expectations of Brian's ability to provide...and one million will be in an off year....), anyway, you will look back on this memory ever so fondly & even miss these days...Love, Auntie Cathy

  4. These memories are priceless! I love it.
    Your comment at the end was priceless as well - and I'm sure, delivered in the best deadpan. :D

  5. Oh Lauren I seriously love you two! Your story was amazing! ha ha. And I could just picture it all in my head:) And despite how funny the story is, I love that you two are so determined to save money! Thanks for your awesome example!

  6. Hahaha!
    Love it. Love every penny of it.