two brothers

the rate at which my heart has expanded over this past month and a half has been welcome and totally unexpected. i've come to the realization that, gratefully, a mamas heart never stops growing.

we tried to prepare ollie as much as we could for the birth of his little brother or sister. we read books about babies, what they need and what it's like in the home after they come. we talked about the baby every day and i encouraged ollie to "talk" to the baby in my belly. he did often, saying "i'ma big brudder!"

giving birth to jack and then watching ollie fill his role as a big brother has filled my heart to the brim. i am so grateful for these two boys, my two boys, two brothers who will grow in love and friendship over the coming years.

when ollie came to meet jack for the first time, he sat with him on his lap, pressed his face close to baby jacks and said, "hi hi hi, how aw yoo? how aw yoo?" he smelled his head and inspected his hands. he repeated his name, "baby dack!"

every morning, when jack wakes up and i bring him out of our room, ollie wants to hold him on the couch. he calls him "sweet boy" "nice baby" "little brother"...all of which sound adorable coming out of his little mouth.

right after my mama left, just before jack was two weeks old, we took a trip to the grocery store (miracle of miracles!). it went really well, actually. when we got home i told ollie i was going to leave him and jack in the van while i took the bags of groceries into our apartment. "i'll be right back!" i told ollie. when i opened the back of the van to pull the groceries out, i saw ollie looking over at jack in his car seat and saying, "hey buddy. mama in the back, k? be right back, k?" it was so sweet to hear him talking to and reassuring his little brother.

just last night we asked ollie is he wanted another little brother or sister and he replied, "no. i like dis one." uhh...cue my heart melting into a puddle.

we've had a few moments of uh...intensity from ollie. most of the time i don't think he means to hurt jack, he's just learning how to love a little more gently. he tries to pick him up off he couch like, every day and wants to hold him often. when i'm wearing jack in the wrap or carrier ollie always says, "take him out? take him out?" ollie is doing pretty well with the adjustment, learning how to share his mama must be hard. in no time at all, jack will be growing up and ready to play! i couldn't be happier to have these two little boys in my home and my heart.

ha ha! 

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