one month of baby jack

jack is already a month old! he is the best. he is a champion nurser, sleeper, burper and pooper...so basically he's awesome at everything. he is a happy, easy baby (knock on wood!) who is pleasant pretty much all the time. he sleeps well at night and has figured out to only have awake time during the day since day one of life. he is growing quickly, going from 7 lbs 12 oz at birth to 10 lbs 3 oz at just four weeks. i'm quick certain most of that weight has gone straight to his cheeks and chins. he's edible. he's starting to work on giving us smiles and he is pretty tolerant of his big brother, who sometimes gets a little rough. his favourite activities are eating, sleeping and snuggling mama. we love you baby jack!

those lips! kissable.

i love his profile. the cutest nose!

little fatty baby!


  1. Oh, man. He is theee cutest. Happy one-month-day, baby Jack! Seize the day!

  2. Love Him.. and love the difference from the two pictures showing his first intro pic in the previous post to the last one here.. such chub. I hope the cute outfit from Oma is fitting him now that some warm days are here!!