ollie is so funny lately. i've been taking note of some of the things he says and does and i want to record them here, a little glimpse of what our ollie douglas is like at the age of 2 years plus a couple months. he is sweet and funny, sometimes sassy and starting to push his boundaries with his little brother. he pretty much only plays with duplo and his trucks & cars. he likes to read books and is starting to memorize stories and "reads" them to himself. his favourite foods are sweet "pobaboes", rass-berries, bananas with "pea-buh" butter, cheerios and cookie balls.

we live on a very busy street in edmonton and i really don't know what ollie will do when we move. he loves watching cars drive by and shouting out what kind of vehicle it is. "car! car! truck! bus! truck! van!" he knows most different kinds of truck by sight and insists on being lifted up to see each and every firetruck or ambulance drive by. the other day, two firetrucks drove by in succession. the first was shorter and the second was really big & long. ollie said, "oh! little firetruck! and big firetruck! he's his mama." so good.

watching the cars out the window
a few weeks ago, a truck drove past that had two outhouses on the back. ollie asked what kind of truck it was, so brian explained what outhouses are. a couple days later, the same type of truck drove past our house and ollie yelled, "poop truck!" he yells that every time we see one now...awesome.

we went on a ward camp out a couple weekends ago and ollied loved it. he absolutely reveled in being outside, eating camp food and sleeping in a tent with dada. he still talks about it.

i was washing his hair before bed one night and as i did so he requested that i wash my hair. i told him i already did and he replied, "ooh. looks pretty good." then this morning i was wearing a shirt i haven't worn in a long time and he said, pointing at it, "what's this?" "it's a shirt." "oh...a new one?" "no, i just haven't worn it lately." "oooh...i 'yike' (like) it."

he is turning into a little con man at bedtime. he'll do anything to get out of going to bed, my favourite of which is when he says he wants to "suggle" (snuggle) with us on the "towch" (couch). boy, he sure knows how to tug at my heart strings.

we were home sick from church one sunday. he and i were in the living room, looking at the picture of the temple on the wall and talking about temples and how important they are. then he jumped up off my lap, looked at the picture a little closer and said, "i wanna go to dat park! it'sa park!"

he loves going to church and attending nursery. he likes to find his friend theo, grab his hand and the two head off to nursery together. he talks about it on the way home and we sing nursery songs all week long, his favourite of which are "popcorn popping", "snowman song" and "i love to see the temple." he says, "make a temple?" and holds his little hands together to a point.

in his "worka man hat"
he still likes to help me in the kitchen and is actually getting pretty helpful. ollie will put the cut up veggies in the salad bowl and very willingly stir anything i let him. he also helps me with laundry and takes dirty diapers away for me. brian sometimes takes ollie down to the condo on saturdays where he helps him with yard work. ollie is a hard little worker! 

ollie watches everything i do with jack very attentively. he knows that jack only eats milkies from mama and is getting less jealous about all the time jack monopolizes. ollie is mostly very patient with both me and jack. it's fun to watch him learn about babies. whenever i'm putting jack into the wrap and whenever ollie sees other babies in wraps & carriers, he says, "oh! in da caowie-o." it's so sweet. the other day we used one of my old scarves to "wrap" his baby against his chest and he walked around, playing and doing other things for awhile with his baby wrapped to him. i die!

his vocabulary is constantly expanding. it is so fun to hear him learn new words and use them when he speaks. he knows how to express himself pretty well, but that doesn't stop him from screaming his lungs out quite regularly. oh, toddlers.
handsome brothers
we love you, sweet ollie! you are our favourite big boy. it is so fun to watch you learn & grow so quickly. you are a great big brother and baby jack loves you too. thanks for being a "big mama helper" around the house and trying to be obedient. love you boy!

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