little boy

ollie is becoming less of a baby and more of a boy every day. most days, it's fun. he is getting to be more adventurous and daring, but he is still a little timid. he is mostly gentle and calm, but he's definitely approaching his terrible twos. my favourite part of my sweet baby turning into a little boy is hearing him learn how to talk, listening to his little vocabulary expand, though it still seems like most of his words are vehicle related. his voice is so cute. some of my favourite words that he says are bear, turtle and juice. other words he knows and uses regularly include water, hungry, truck, bus, tractor, honey, outside and eggs. he just started saying his name in the past week or so, and it comes out sounding a little like robot talk; ah-ee. i love it.

his lopsided, one dimpled camera smile.
just last night, ollie was walking around after dinner eating a cookie. brian asked him if he could have a bite and ollie looked at him, shook his head and said, pointing to himself, "me. ah-ee" and then proceeded to eat the rest of his cookie. this little boy is our favourite.

and he really likes his new plane pj's.

"pane! pane!"

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