halloween celebrations!

halloween was a blast this year. ollie had a number of different occasions to wear a costume (four, to be exact!) so we had two different costumes for him; an indoor one and an outdoor one.

he wore his cowboy costume to our monday playgroup at the church. we had a potluck lunch and a whole bunch of mama's and littles came out to play and eat. the babies all looked so darn cute in their costumes. my mom brought ollie those amazing boots a few months ago and i knew he needed to be a cowboy for halloween! he struts his stuff when he's wearing them, too.

 we decided to take ollie trick or treating this year, mostly because i really wanted to eat some candy. we dressed him up in his warm tiger costume (which he continues to request to wear whenever he sees it hanging in his closet.) he wore it a few times before halloween too, and has his growl perfected. he was the cutest little tiger who became a mute on peoples doorsteps and refused to growl for them. oh well. they still gave us lots of candy and we had fun walking around our beautiful neighbourhood in the gorgeous autumn air.

he drank some warm milk from his tiny mug when we got home. he loves his little ollie sized mug! look how pleased he is. 

i just really love babies in costumes. happy halloween!

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