hey baby

i found out i was pregnant on the morning of august 14th 2013, the date of our third anniversary.

i woke up early, around 5:00, and drowsily took the test. i was surprised not to see a line right away but i went and crawled back into bed. i couldn't fall asleep. i lay there, wide awake, and it was just a couple minutes later when i felt something nudge me back out of bed to go take another took at the pregnancy test. i walked into the bathroom and there it was...a second line on that little plastic strip! i was so shocked! baby number two was on the way! i gave brian the pregnancy test in a little box before he left for work. he smiled and said, "you got me a present?" "kind of...", i replied. he opened it up and stared at it. if you know brian, you know it takes him awhile to wake up in the morning. he stared and stared and then he looked at me and said, "wait...that means you're pregnant, right?" we hugged and cried and couldn't stop smiling all day long.

the weeks between then and now have passed in a blur, but not without the remarkable happening. first, i got a midwife! i have tried with my two previous pregnancies but to no avail. third times a charm, i guess? i am so excited! i was placed with maureen and kerstin, midwives who work at the lucina centre, the new birthing centre where this baby will be born. it is such a beautiful, peaceful place and we are planning a waterbirth there. i adore both of my midwives and couldn't be happier with my care from them. they make me feel so comfortable. it probably makes me sound like a crazy person but i am so excited to give birth! ollies birth was incredible and i know this one will be just as, if not even more, amazing.

another thing to note is that i felt more nauseous during my first trimester than i did with ollie. dinner time was so hard for me, i had to choke my food down for a few weeks. nothing tasted very good in the evening, but vegetables have been especially disgusting, which is so strange coming from a girl who regularly cooks vegetarian meals. it's mostly salads and other raw veggies that don't taste so good. luckily, my green juice (spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon, apple & carrots) still tastes good, plus a few other yummy veggie dishes, so i don't have to worry about my baby getting womb scurvy. i mostly crave salty things, so brian is convinced this baby is another boy.

we are currently caught in the "to find out or not" debate. with ollie i definitely wanted a surprise, but i am feeling a little more relaxed this time around. i think brian is more anxious to find out this time, so maybe i'll be nice and let him have his way. we only have about a month left to decide before we go for our ultrasound! second (and subsequent, i'm sure) pregnancies go way faster than the first.

i just had my second appointment last friday. brian couldn't come but ollie came with me. he climbed all over me as kerstin and i chatted about my pregnancy and delivery with ollie. she fills me with such a feeling of confidence and easy comfort; she is lovely. as i laid down on the couch so she could listen to the babys heartbeat, ollie watched in confusion. his little concerned face was so cute. (he has noooo idea what's going to hit him in six months.) she told me, "this is kind of like fishing, it always takes awhile to find it, even at 14 weeks." and just as she finished speaking, there it was. the swift, galloping sound of my sweet babys heart. i teared up as i listened to that sound, a sound that is so precious and perfect to every mothers ear. as we finished my appointment, she said to me, "there is really nothing that could be going any better for you. you are having a perfect pregnancy." i couldn't agree more. i am feeling so blessed and healthy and happy. ollie likes to point at my belly and say "bayba, bayba." and speaking of a belly...


there is less than three weeks between those two pictures. !!!! i am growing way faster than i did with ollie, but i guess the body just remembers how to do it.

can't wait to meet you in the spring, baby number two!!

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  1. So exciting! All of it. Midwife, water-birth, baby belly, BABY!