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we have been busy enjoying the sunshine at the park and baking cinnamon buns to keep up with my orders, but i need to sit down and record some things about my sweet boy and the things he is up to these days. he is changing from a baby to a kid and his emerging personality is awesome. i love seeing him learn & grow.

like i said, we spend lots of time at the park. we've been meeting friends there during the day or going just before bed with daddy. ollie rides the ducky, goes down the slide and crawls everywhere. if there are other kids, he sits and watches them, pointing and whispering in his little voice, trying to tell me all about them. he finds all the best sticks and eats the sand & dirt. he is such a boy. 

encouraged by our walks and time spent at the park, ollie has realized that being outside is the best place to be. he is happiest and most peaceful when we are outside! one of his favourite activities is sitting on the front lawn of our apartment and watching all the cars go by. he loves cars! he points (always! he is always pointing) and jabbers excitedly. he is quite the celebrity on 99th street and gets smiles & waves from so many passersby.

for a baby who used to be quite shy and very cautious, ollie is starting to come out of his shell. he will reach out to be held by some of our friends and he does better than he used to without me around. he is becoming more outgoing with other kids as well, which is always fun to watch.

we've been trying to get to the library every thursday afternoon for "sing sign laugh & learn", a fun program for littles around ollies age. there is a man who plays guitar and sings with a girl who tells stories and teaches some baby sign language. i love that we live so close to the library! we go on other days too, just to play, read books, work on puzzles and visit the fishies.

this boy loves to eat. if it is not finger food, then i usually help him eat, but he insists that he hold a spoon and play in the bowl too. it's gets pretty messy. ha! he is definitely becoming more independent; he wants to hold his food and not just have me hand him little pieces. i can't help but think how grown up he looks when he's doing that! (he got his first free cookie from the kids club at superstore. it was adorable.)

ollie is getting to be quite the talker. he "answers" every question we ask him and carries on long conversations if we continue to respond. it is so fun to hear his little voice; he sounds so earnest in the way he talks, like what he is saying is really important and we need to listen up. just recently he's started singing, too. he talks, but in a sweet little sing-songy way whenever there is music on. he did it at church on sunday and i almost died. so cute.

he is still a good little sleeper and i love it. although this is a rare case, this morning he slept until almost 9:00! i only wished i had known and had slept later myself. also, he looks massive in his crib. he is getting so tall!

ollie, it makes me so happy to be your mama and to be able to share all these new & exciting adventures with you! it is a whole new world through the eyes of a toddler.

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  1. So many awesome posts!!! Wonderful to hear about Mr ollie and all that he is up to. THe kids loved seeing all your pictures!