my mothers day

the day was lovely. i enjoyed going to church with my boys, taking a nap, reading les mis, playing with ollie while brian made an amazing dinner (lime coconut salmon, rice pilaf & asparagus with garlic), a raw chocolate tart for dessert and finishing the day off with almost two hours at the park. (we took our camera to the park and it was a beautiful evening, so....there's A LOT of pictures.)

walking with daddy & pointing, probably at a dog. 

he loves throwing sand on the slide...
and then playing with it!
those eyelashes! so dreamy. 

i'm in love with these boys.
that is the face of a dirty, happy little boy. 
i am so thankful for the many women in my life who have been such amazing examples of motherhood. my sweet mother, my dear mother in law and my loving grandmothers. my incredible sisters, each of whom have taught me something different about motherhood as i have learned from their examples. my cherished friends, many of whom i have come much closer to through this journey of motherhood. i am so grateful for you all. but most of all, i feel an overwhelming love for my husband and my son, the boys who have made me a mother. my heart has grown more than i can express. i cherish being a mother, though it is not always the easiest. it is the greatest blessing in my life. that sweet little boy with the mischievous grin, the twinkly eyes and the sweetest body is mine and i get to keep him. i'm so happy to be a mama.


  1. Hottie Mama!!! Im thrilled you guys had such a lovely mothers day.. you deserve the best!!

  2. You and Brian are doing it exactly right! What a great little family you have.