early morning wins

ollie rocking the baby ray bans i bought before i finished working.

 i got up super early this morning to get to superstore and beat the saturday rush. i just got back into town on wednesday and i have no idea what we've been eating...we really needed groceries. when i filled up with gas i found some superbucks someone else had left behind! awesome. when i got inside and started shopping around, i realized it was double the gst off day today. it's not a ton to save, but every dollar counts! i also found the cutest pair of coloured skinnies for five dollars! when i discovered the change rooms wouldn't open for another half hour, i totally crawled underneath a locked door. the jeans fit and therefore, it was worth it. also, it was fun! ha. all of that awesome happened before 8:00 am.

it's going to be a good day.

also, i love this little guy.

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