these guys

are the cutest.

and even though i wish time would slow down, i secretly can't wait until they are running around, wreaking havoc together. i hope they are always the best of buddies, these cousins that are just twenty seven days apart. our due dates were originally more than seven weeks apart, but with drews extra time cooking and olivers early arrival, these two are closer than we thought they would be. my sister and i like to think that they didn't want to part company in heaven, and once they did, ollie promised he would come soon.

drew totally man handling ollie.
ollies like, "mama! help!"
ha ha. ollies only defense at this point is to eat drews hand.

aaaand, one last one...
relaxing after a hard day. 
p.s. thanks for the delightful week, sister! i loved hanging out with you guys & your littles!


  1. yes! i love love love them.

    also, ollie's gotta be half something;)

  2. So adorable! I subscribe to the friends in heaven theory.

  3. so cute and fun. This is the first of many pictures like this. For years and years.

  4. Cute pictures. Those cousins are going to have a great time wrestling each other in a few more months. Thanks for sharing!