daddys day

(a few days late never hurt anyone, right?)

i am thankful for the fathers in my life. there are a constant example to me in my life.

growing up, i watched my older brothers become fathers and saw a completely different side of the boys who used to tease me so. they love & care for their children very deeply. that's not to say that they aren't goofy with them, too. isn't that what daddies are for?

i am grateful for my own father and for brians father. they are wonderful, strong men who are such good grandpas to oliver. i hope they can each be an influence in his life and teach him about the things that they love.

a few months ago, i watched as my best friend and husband became a father. it was a moving experience, to watch him as he held our tiny baby; he was so comfortable and at ease. i am so thankful for you, brian. thank you for supporting me in the decisions i made while bringing oliver into this world. it has been my pleasure to watch as you have grown & changed & become the father of our ollie. he adores you.  i hope that as he grows, you are an example to him of righteousness and steadfastness, as you have been to me. i also hope that you continue to laugh with him and make him smile as you do now. you always seem to catch the funniest pictures. i am so happy he has your smile; i think you're both so darn handsome. i hope that you teach him about building models and making jokes and that you help him with his math homework (because we all know that is not my strong suit). thanks for being such a good daddy to our ollie, bri. i love you.


  1. look how teensy ollie was.

    also, i need to dig out the picture from you and bri's first date...awesome!

  2. that was so sweet Lauren. Loved it :)